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Dr. Shahi will make every effort to preserve your natural teeth. However, extractions are necessary when decay has made the tooth non-restorable or when you have an advanced periodontal disease. When a tooth is malformed, damaged, impacted or ingrown, different procedures are used, but all extractions are considered surgery. Depending on which tooth is removed, we can offer you a replacement in the form of a dental implant or oral prosthetic.



Do I need my tooth extracted?

There are a number of reasons why it may be necessary to extract a tooth. In most cases, an extraction needs to be performed because tooth decay has become so severe that the tooth is non-restorable and is causing severe pain. It is our primary goal to save teeth whenever possible, however, in some cases the decay or infection may be so severe, that the tooth needs to be removed for the overall health of the patient. 

Other instances where tooth extraction is necessary are breaks or fractures in your tooth that extend beneath the gum line. In addition, wisdom teeth routinely need to be removed if they are impacted and/or causing crowding.